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  12524   09/29/12
[Tablet Product] Curing Acne

Here is an article about Mr. Cho, who’s suffered with acne on his face and back for almost ten years until he cured them with root bark tablets. After its publishment, the number of clients wanting to try the product to test its effectiveness themselves increased by a vast amount.


The Article: Mr. Hyeongon Cho (26) is a recent victor of every “teenager’s archenemy,” which is acne. Another person followed by Cho’s success by the name of Sungook Heo(18) who is a student, has provided the following information for the better being of all of those who are interested in imitating their treatment.

How your body may react: When Cho first used the elm root bark tablets, his stomach felt uncomfortable for about three to four days. Whenever this happened, he held a chunk of the Insan bamboo salt, which got rid of that right away. It’s a common symptom observed among people with frequent indigestion and dizziness. In such cases, it’s suggested that they pause the intake of the tablets and ingest only the bamboo salt until they feel comfortable taking the pills.

 The Results: Starting around the second week, the tablet actually began curing Cho’s acne. Not only did they disappear, but it also prevented new ones from forming, or allowed them only in forms of small pimples that can easily be squeezed out of the surface of his skin without leaving any scars. His face was getting less red every day, and it was no longer bumpy as it used to be.

He is now in his third month of the trial. He says that he is no longer dizzy or upset in his stomach, which shows that his body has undergone the change he needed to cure his acne. Now, his digestion has also improved. Cho’s very satisfied with the results, and now he is no longer self-conscious of his conditions.


Following what Cho did:

-Wake up at 6 AM

-Take a single dose of elm root bark tablets and black bean tablets (20 each, 40 total with water)

- Go to work, and take another 40 total with water and after work

What’s important: Cho claims to have the product accessible no matter where he was. He never skipped a day, but adjusted the amounts by a little when his stomach was empty or too full.