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PH9 Generator 700ml Portable Alkaline Water Generator
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- Powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals. - Alkaline water provides lots of energy by providing much oxygen. - Balances the body's acidic / alkaline conditions caused by various factors such as diet. - Increased metabolism. - Efficient recovery after exercise. - Breaks down water molecules into smaller clusters for better absorption. - Contains and releases minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. - Helps with digestion. - Positive effects on skin and diet.
  • PH9 GENERATOR IS FDA APPROVED. The PH9 Generator is lined with natural alkalizing minerals. Simply fill with water and shake a few times which will oxygenate and mineralize the water. In 1-3 Minutes water will become alkaline and ready to drink.
  • SUPERIOR MICRO-CLUSTER HYDRATION - The PH9 Generator reduces water molecule size from 11-13 clusters to 5-6 clusters. Micro-clustered water achieves greater permeability allowing it to cross cellular barriers quickly and efficiently... Hydrating your body faster! Improves digestion, Metabolic function and waste elimination.
  • INCREASE YOUR PERFORMANCE - Re-hydrating with alkaline water during a workout helps the body balance the excess acids being produced by the muscles, extending peak performance time. Alkaline water aids in neutralizing lactic acid and increases muscle's ability to use oxygen, reducing recovery time.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR SUPPLEMENTS - Micro Clustered water molecules gives increased permeability and effectiveness for nutritional supplements. When taken with the PH9 Generator you will experience a more complete and quicker supplement absorption. Supplements are quickly broken down, lump free with no wire mesh needed.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants and eliminates free radicals Alkaline water helps increase energy. Perfect for weight loss shakes. PH9 Generator is Biodegradable


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