Bamboo Salt

            Bamboo Salt Korean 한국어

Our company, with 9 years of history in the US strives to pass down the wisdom of Master Insan Ilhun Kim, who introduced the unique combination for healthy bamboo salt and other natural products. We make every effort to carry only pure and natural products, ethically and sustainably produced, direct from the earth- with no additives, flavors, or preservatives. 
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Bamboo salt (Crystal) 250g (9X roasted)
Life bamboo salt (Powder) 300g (3X roasted)
Bamboo salt (Crystal) 80g+10g
(9X roasted)
Yugunpi Tablets 240g
Elm Root Bark
Bamboo salt (Powder) 250g (9X roasted)
Bamboo salt soybean paste 900g
Safflower Seed (powder) 170g
Radish solid extract 600g


  6605   09/23/12
Warts were all over the body…Now Clean

I first got to observe the wonders of bamboo salted soy sauces through my second son.

He started to develop small warts all over his limbs and chest. Although the doctors gave him a confident diagnosis, they left him with no precise and effective prescriptions or treatments. One day, I took him to a small office nearby in which they had a specialist for “natural treatments.” I was told by this professional that it’s not papilloms, but shingles. My son was told not to swim so often, along with a set of advice, including consumption of bamboo salted soy sauce with breakfast and dinner in empty stomach, and application of it on what looked like warts. He was also told only to eat vegetables and not to eat chicken at all costs.

My seven year old son started what was told to do starting that day, surprisingly without having me telling him what to do. On his first day he yelled and screamed about how it stung him when I put the soy sauce on his skin, but now he is almost completely cured. Because I have no further knowledge of what happened there besides the fact that the bamboo salted soy sauce did the trick, I appreciate the advice that was given to us, and for the invention of this product.