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Garlic tablets 250g
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Garlic Tablets 250g
sulfur garlic 67%, bamboo salt 9X 33%
Specifically formulated to reduce inflammation of the stomach, colon, small and large intestines it helps to detoxify the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, small and large intestines and colon and cells.

Take 15 to 25 tablets with warm water or tea 30mins before bedtime.  

Garlic detoxify our body within 15 days, produce a lot of gases what that  means toxin getting our of body. it cleans blood and then removes cancer cells it helps remove cancer cells because your blood is clean before it was very dirty blood it means all possible cancers. you have a lot of dirty blood and how it can clean your blood and remove all toxins 

Elm root barks  
Natural antibiotic it is good for tumefaction and pimple as well as cancer It prevents all possible cancer and it heels painlessly  acne. it is not addicted because it is all natural it is good prostate for man and a myoma of the uterus for women. it is easy to make yrin   

9times bamboo burn salt  
Mr. Kim il hoon is founder who ask his grandfather to burn  9times and at last time you have to burn at 1600 degree at a short time when he was only 7years old his grandfather got used to burn just 2times. it cause get rid of impurities and remain strong medicine he was genius like betoben, ein-stein in born if we take, control high, low blood pressure and diabetes how can salt do that because it cleans blood it also contains medicine any kind of diseases he said  when he was alive and now as books it heals(cure) people who suffering from modern diseases,  cancer, diabetes, high and low blood pressure and so on. lots of people in Korea tells their experience at magazine these people who reject from hospital all doctor gave up  they are living a healthy life now you know, he said to patients 'eat as many as you can' this is his prescription.   In case of taking 9times bamboo burn salt, if you feel like vomiting, you stop and then take as little as you feel like.   This kind of symptoms might happen within 15 days.  And then, eat as many as you can(crystal) Sprinkle on the top of food(powder) 


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