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Salflower seed Tablets 240g
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Safflower Seeds Tablets 240g
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Safflowers freeze and melt several times during winter and kept itself alive all year long,
creating a strong immunity. Used safflowers seeds with firm thorns developed which is known for
improvment on joint problems and iflammation.

Excellent for everyone to take on a daily basis.

Great gift for mid-aged women in their menopause. Releases extravasated blood, regenerates skeletal structures, and pastes bones back together. Comes with dietary Uses and lowering of cholesterol levels. Better than ginseng for good health and longevity. 


*Self storage expires 12 months from the manufactured date stamped on the package, otherwise expire date will be stamped.
*Store in a cool and dry place. 
*Once opened, store in refrigerator or freezer and consume within 6 months for best results. 


Suggested Serving: Take 10-15 tablets with water each time one to three times a day. Take extra cup of water for better digestion.
Because of the natural oily component, overconsumption may cause diarrehea. Take less if any digestion problem occurs. 


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