Bamboo Salt

            Bamboo Salt Korean 한국어


People in the modern age are easily and unknowingly exposed to air and water pollutions, toxic chemicals and radiations. Additionally, people get stressed, and suffer from cancers or other incorrigible diseases resulting from irregular diets or habits. Unidentified diseases break out. Modern diseases presumably result from pollutions, stress, irregular diets and metabolic disorder from the destruction of the nature. It is bamboo salt that people in the modern society desperately need. Salt is known to sterilize infectious parts and used as antiphilogistics. It is bamboo salt that maximizes such characteristics of salt using bamboo, yellow mud, or pine trees.

Four ingredients mix at very high temperature (1400°C to 1600°C) nine times and turn into efficacious bamboo salt; bamboo that recovers damaged cell tissues, Yuhwang(sulfur ingredient) in yellow mud, Hackbiso in salt that sterilizes and prevents decaying, and resin recovering flesh, blood, moisture and oil that comprise the body. The original bamboo salt provides richly essential amounts of calcium, potassium, iron, copper, germanium, selenium, magnesium and many other natural minerals.  Bamboo salt is strong alkaline food and turns an acidified constitution into neutral. It prevents various adult diseases resulting from an acidified constitution.

Bamboo salt is a bioactive substance

Bioactive substances are materials which regulate vital functions, and they correct abnormal conditions such as deficiency or excessive secretion of substances regulating biological functions. Bioactive substances are substances which delay aging or prevent lifestyle-related diseases through antioxidant actions, detoxification, immune function enhancements, hormonal regulation mechanisms, antibacterial and antiviral actions.
Bamboo salt is an excellent antioxidant substance, and various minerals in bamboo salt help our body’s detoxification by activating enzymes, and are used as raw materials to make hormones. In addition, the Bamboo salt’s antibacterial action enhances immune functions and prevents various diseases.
In other words, bamboo salt, a synthesis of natural minerals and salt, is an excellent biologically active substance, which has no adverse effects on the human body.

First, the harmful substances in the salt were removed.
When bamboo salt is produced, burning bamboo, pine trees, and pine resin creates high temperature. The high temperature evaporates heavy metals or harmful toxic compounds contained in salt.

Second, bamboo salt is an alkaline food.
As bamboo salt is baked repeatedly, it shows strong alkalis. Modern people consume a disproportionate amount of acidic foods, but by putting in bamboo salt in food, you can neutralize acidic foods. Bamboo salt has an especially large amount of alkali-forming minerals, so it plays a great role in keeping acid and base in equilibrium.

Third, it generates a large amount of active minerals and synthesizes pharmacological minerals.
Bamboo salt is made to be able to perform reduction reactions by activating the minerals in solar salt. Bamboo salt is a synthesized material made from the pharmacological minerals from bamboo, clay and resin.

Fourth, the source of minerals
Our bodies can continue to maintain life functions thanks to the actions of enzymes. Minerals are actively involved in activating these enzymes. Bamboo salt has a chemical composition which is very similar to that of our body, yet with various minerals.

Fifth, excellent antioxidant food
Due to environment and food contamination, large amount of harmful free radicals are produced in the body. Our body creates antioxidants to cope with that, and bamboo salt plays a role in eliminating free radicals by activating various antioxidant enzymes, and it has a strong antioxidant action because of its reducing power.
Sixth, it has an excellent ability to control the concentration of electrolyte.
When measured, the conductivity of bamboo salt is lower than that of salt, and its grid size is 1/10 compared to that of salt. Therefore, it is absorbed in the cell membrane and the concentration of electrolyte is easily controlled. In addition, compared to general salt, even if you eat two to three times more bamboo salt than general salt, you don’t feel thirsty

Seventh, bamboo salt maintains immune functions.
If our bodily fluid was made of fresh water, not brine, we wouldn’t have the capacity to cope with various viruses and bacteria, and nutrients couldn’t be absorbed due to the lack of difference between concentrations of electrolytes. It also makes neurotransmitter action impossible, so the body loses its life function completely. The bactericidal and preservative actions of salt maintain our body’s immune function. Several theses have proven that bamboo salt has a lot of antibacterial ability.

Eighth, bamboo salt harmonizes with all food.
The National Cancer Institute in the United States announces anti-cancer foods each year and garlic has been the No. 1 anti-cancer food for many years. For the anti-cancer activity of garlic to function properly in the body, it needs the support of bamboo salt. The nutrients necessary for the body are absorbed when sodium is absorbed into cells along with nutrients such as amino acids, sugars and water.
When garlic is combined with bamboo salt, the garlic nutrients can transfer to each cell much faster. Bamboo salt which moved into cells performs two jobs simultaneously within cells, first, activating enzymes and discharging debris out of the cells, and second, supplying minerals so that the pharmacological nature of garlic can be activated within the cells. By joining minerals and garlic, cells will be in better condition to generate new nutrients and exercise stronger antitumor actions.
In other words, adding bamboo salt to food which has pharmacological or anticancer effects makes the pharmacological effects stronger as well as facilitates the absorption of nutrients.