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1-time Roasted Bamboo Salt 300g
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 1-time Roasted Bamboo Salt 300g 

* Raw Material: Sun-dried Salt from the Western Sea Coast of the Korean Peninsula 100%
* Product Type: FINE POWDER

* Volume: 300g

* Bamboo salt is a health salt extracted from the roasting process using five major sub-materials that is the sun-dried salt from the Western Sea Coast of the Korean Peninsula, bamboo plants of more than three years old, pure yellow soil from deep valleys, pine tree firewood and steel furnace. 
* Bamboo salt is a safe salt because it is completely pollution-free, it does not contain the harmful elements of ordinary sun-dried sea salt, and it has no sodium troubles by chemical refined salt. 
* The 'bamboo salt' means 'bamboo salt' literally but it is a proper noun invented by Korean Divine Herbalist Insan Kim (1909-1992). We can also spell it 'bamboo salt' in English. 
* Neither systematic methodology of bamboo salt manufacture, nor any analysis of its ingredients or proper application for any particular purpose was carried out until the publication of the book 'The Universe and God's Medicine' by Il-hoon (Insan) Kim in 1981. 

* Take 10 to 20 grains 5 or 7 times a day at your conveniences. 
* Take 1 teaspoon (2g) of bamboo salt powder 5 or 7 times a day, 30 minutes before meal or sleeping and at your convenience between meals. 
* Take in the above-mentioned way with a tea, which is made of decocting ginger (38g) and a licorice root (29g). Adding a jujube (10g) is better for women. 
* Eat parched garlic with bamboo salt several times a day. 
* It is not harmful to take bamboo salt with other medicines, food, etc. 
* If you are uncomfortable or have kidney or bladder troubles, decrease the intake 1/3 teaspoon (2/3g) temporarily. There is no reported adverse reaction of bamboo salt. 
* Bamboo salt can be used for the food seasoning as a substitute of refined salt for both taste and health. 

Special Usages
* For mouth, take 1~ 2g bamboo salt, dissolve slowly in the mouth and swallow. Repeat this 7~ 20 times a day. 
* For skin, knead bamboo salt powder with clean water into a paste and spread on the troubled part. You may also apply an ointment, which is mixed with bamboo salt powder. 
* For eye, dissolve bamboo salt into pure spring or distilled water. 


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