Bamboo Salt

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  8020   09/24/12
My Kid’s Disease All Cured with Bamboo Salt

“He eats bamboo salt like a piece of chocolate.”

Parents feel twice the pain when their child is sick, especially when there’s no cure. I’ve seen that because a lot of mothers are working nowadays, their children are not breastfed, and thus have weaker immune system than children of older generations.

One of the infamous illnesses among children that can’t be avoided so easily by common method of vaccination is the “arm-leg-mouth disease.” It’s a rare, viral disease with no vaccination with increasing number of victims. Only way of surviving known is to live about seven years without any treatment. Over the last 2 years, the victims have increased exponentially.

I know a story of a working mom who lives with her two children in Seoul. One day, she found rashes on her oldest son’s arms. He complained that his body was itching, and so the mother dissolved a few tablespoons of bamboo salt in cold water, and made him dink his foot in there. Just on the first day, the boy stopped complaining about the itching, and slept well. The rashes were gone also.

Since then, whenever her sons became sick, they came up to her first and asked for bamboo salt. She placed them where it was accessible for the small children. Sometimes, she even puts them while they take a bath in the tub. She commented, “Because many parents think salty food is bad for their children’s body, I won’t recommend them with much eagerness. However, I’ve personally witnessed my children grow healthy with its help, and I know that is the best I can do as their mother.”