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  6959   09/24/12
Two Months of Elm Root Bark Cured Acne!

This is miracle!

They say acne is a symbol of youth. But again, it’s commonly seen among people with unusually high body temperature. These people suffer from frequent constipation and abnormally slow digestion. Along with stress, it’s one of the biggest reasons in causing acne.

How did Yumago cure acne? What is it?

Hyungon, who’s 25years old, was always self-conscious about his acne. Whenever he went out with his girlfriend it stressed him out. Upon hearing about the Yumago, which was made from elm root barks and bamboo salt, he took them two times a day, 20 of them at a time for a whole year. He commented that no cosmetic products or medications helped him since his days in middle school. He said the product was extremely compatible for his oily skin.

 His case was special in that he had acne on his back and other parts of his body as well. The temperature of his head and body was always hotter than his limbs, which is also a common trait among victims of acne. Whenever he broke out, his face turned red and the scars didn’t go away. His colleague offered him the Yumago pills one day, and starting that day, he took 20 of them at a time. He took the Yumago pills with bamboo salt. In just about two weeks, he experienced great results, and his acne reduced to forms of small pimples that could be squeezed out easily without leaving any scars. His face wasn’t red anymore, and the bumps on the surface of his skin also decreased in size. He is still taking them nowadays despite being almost completely cured.