Bamboo Salt

            Bamboo Salt Korean 한국어


  12296   09/27/12
Mr. Park, the victor of leukemia.

It all started in the March of 1995. Mr. Park got unusually tired, and whenever he got the lightest wound, the bleeding didn’t stop, making him visit a local clinic. They suggested him to get diagnosed at a bigger hospital, where he was told that he was inflicted with a rare form of leukemia. The doctor told him that without a bone marrow transfer, there’s no way possible to get better, implanting a great amount of fear in Mr. Park’s life. Most unfortunate of all was the fact that there was nobody else that matched his gene enough for the transplant.

Living quite some time agonized and worried, Mr. Park began studying about cancer. He even went abroad to Mexico after hearing a news at a famous hospital of an excellent drug. However, he saw no effects from it, and his fear of death only increased as time passed by.

Eventually Mr. Park became hopeless and stopped planning for his survival for nearly six weeks. And in 1999, there was even a rumor that he had died. He became extremely pale and his face was shaded with death, and due to his weakened immune system he had to suffer from bad colds every winter.

Then one day, he visited an acupuncture clinic and saw the doctor reading the book “New Medicines.” He felt something unusual about the doctor right away, and after being told of what he’s read, he had a feeling that it might lead him to his escape from leukemia. Without a single hesitation, Park purchased loads of bamboo salts and used it in every way possible.

Upon consumption of it, Mr. Park felt that his symptoms, such as nausea, difficulty of breathing, and dizziness, had all gotten better. He became excited, and increased the amount of intake gradually, and by the autumn of that year, he was healthy enough to help his mom harvest from the field.

When he considered that merely expanding his life with bamboo salt wasn’t enough, he visited Master Insan and was recommended to try the sulfur duck stew. Not only did this make Mr. Park livelier, but it increased his stamina greatly. He is no longer seen sitting around inside his house, inactive and uninterested of the variety of activities that one can enjoy living a healthy life.