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  6542   09/27/12
The Story of getting rid of Aplastic Anemia with Sulfur Duck

Ms. Pyo, who is now 52 but was 44 at the time of her interview, still can’t believe that she’s living healthy as she is today. In the fall of 2000, she was diagnosed with a severe disc in his spine, being hospitalized and unable to stand up.

There, she was introduced to the Insan safflower seeds by Mr. Yu, who was at that time, a retail branch manager for the Insan products. Just in five days of eating the safflower seeds, something unbelievable happened; Ms. Pyo stood up from her bed in a condition that even let her carry heavy grocery bags.

Then, Ms. Pyo’s eldest son got into a car accident, causing his heart to weaken by trauma. It wasn’t a huge accident, but he fainted very frequently since then, even causing him to stop breathing for a brief moment. When the son started to eat garlic bamboo salts, he became livelier for some time, then his condition continued. After being told that to completely overcome his symptoms that he must eat sulfur duck, he did so, and the condition improved once more, this time, permanent, without any side effects or unnecessary fainting.

Tragedies in Ms. Pyo’s household didn’t end there. On the august of last year, the same son was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. The drugs prescribed from the hospital did him no good, and so she bought her son some sulfur duck to substitute the medication, all the while having him eat baked garlic with bamboo salt. In about two months, the son’s face regained its warmth with a reddish color, showing that his blood cell production became normal. Although he’s still being checked every now and then for the return of his illness, nothing has happened over the past six months, and the whole family is just thankful enough for that.