Bamboo Salt

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  5904   08/02/12
Bamboo salt works greatly on gum diseases!

Because where I lived during my younger days had poor healthcare conditions, I’ve lost my right molar at a young age. Despite my belief that all would be better from that point on, my gums collapsed frequently, and my teeth were shaky. I went in to my dentist’s office and was told that I might have to have all my teeth extracted.

I found myself in despair after it, but luckily encountered an article online titled” how an eighty-three year old man brushes his teeth.” The context was relatively straightforward; he brushed his teeth, rinsed, and brushed twice more. I was skeptical about it, but nevertheless gave it a try, and found myself greatly aided by it. Then it came to my realization that even after rinsing, bubbles formed in my mouth when I brushed my teeth for the second time, and that it was the toothpaste in between my teeth that have been weakening my gums.

From that day on, I switched my toothpaste to the Insan bamboo salt tooth paste, and since then I’ve felt almost no pain in my gums when brushing my teeth, and all my teeth became firmly reattached to the gum. I think that all the natural minerals in the toothpaste actually helps.