Bamboo Salt

            Bamboo Salt Korean 한국어

Our company, with 9 years of history in the US strives to pass down the wisdom of Master Insan Ilhun Kim, who introduced the unique combination for healthy bamboo salt and other natural products. We make every effort to carry only pure and natural products, ethically and sustainably produced, direct from the earth- with no additives, flavors, or preservatives. 
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Bamboo salt (Crystal) 250g (9X roasted)
Life bamboo salt (Powder) 300g (3X roasted)
Bamboo salt (Crystal) 80g+10g
(9X roasted)
Yugunpi Tablets 240g
Elm Root Bark
Bamboo salt (Powder) 250g (9X roasted)
Bamboo salt soybean paste 900g
Safflower Seed (powder) 170g
Radish solid extract 600g


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